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Dream Fable

I saw myself in a wide green garden, more beautiful than I could begin to understand. In this garden was a young girl. I said to her, "How
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Advice on Friends

A real friend wishes his companions well, He’s not one who allows them to get close to hell, Always be careful of the friends you Choose, So, in
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I sail to you in the ocean of my dreams To a far away distant place Of great beauty and tranquility
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O Beloved of Allah

By Isma’il Abdul Haqq Just for one glance, thousands of men I would slay, Just to hold your Holy countenance in these eyes for one second, would make all
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My Beloved

By Rabi’ah al Adawiyya My peace, O my brothers and sisters, is my solitude, And my Beloved is with me always, For His love I can find no
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